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AlekseyKonkov не в сети AlekseyKonkov  
Об авторе: My name is Aleksey, or just Alex. I\'m 23 years old. I\'m a very optimistic and romantic man with a sense of humor and kind, loving, caring, faithful, sincere, hardworking. I am able to love and surround the loved ones with my love and support when something going wrong. I like to make people happy and to be happy with them. I am a fun, adventurous, intelligent, open-minded. 178cm/74kg. I was smoking before but I quit already. I would prefer that my partner did not smoke. I take alcohol no more often than 2 times a month. I prefer that my partner would not take alcohol. Incomplete higher education. Head of office / Director-General. Occupation — Informational technologies. I want to get acquainted with a woman with age from 18 to 40. I know Bulgarian (I can read and write fluently), English (I can speak a little) and Russian (My native language). Never married. I do not have children. My partner can have children. I prefer that my partner wants to have more children in future. Skype - alex.konkov8 E-mail - alexkonkov8@gmail.com На Великом и Могучем говорю намного лучше. Пишите!

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